Monday, 14 January 2019

Still awaiting the arrival of the Waste tyre disposal policy!!!

It has been 2 years that the draft policy for disposal of End of Life Tyres was released by the Ministry of Environment.We were so happy to see 'A' policy than 'The" policy.But looked like there was a start.

But today,It is agonizing to see the policy still stuck between ministries and deliberations while the used tyre pollution scales new heights every year due to unregulated disposal processes.In addition to that, tyre pyrolysis plants have mushroomed all across the country to take advantage of the burgeoning oil prices .This pyrolysis oil is good on calorific value but scores very badly on the environment pollution quotient. 

Hundreds of thousands of tyres are imported from all across the globe to feed this pyrolysis hunger to make the oil that is sold by and large without a 'bill'.How does all this support the government from any angle.Infact this imports have left the exchequer paying huge foreign exchange bills.

The widespread use of tyres for unregulated burning still continues in smaller towns.The government does not have enough pollution control personnel or the resources to take care of the bigger towns,You can only imagine the plight in smaller towns.We need more implementable policies than just a paper to show to the public.

We hope that the new year ushers us with the the good news that the industry wants.An pragmatic implementable ELT recycling policy that will regulate take this waste in the right fashion.Infact a used tyre scrap stewardship programme is what i am looking at in the future.

The equipment scenarios is also encouraging with a lot of initiative from India in manufacturing European and American interesting prices.

Hope the government also takes an initiate in giving preference in Government projects for waste recycled products.This could also give an impetus in increasing investments in this sector....

A lot can be said but the need of the hour is for the government to take the first step..!     

Rahul Shringarpure
Indogreen Enviro Pvt Ltd