Thursday, 21 July 2016

Indian sub continent warming up to Used Tyre Recycling!

                                  USED TYRE RECYLING

The Indian Used Tyre Recycling arena looks to be warming up over the years.The last quarter of 2016 had the used tyre imports for recycling breaking all records.There were more than 20,000 Tons of imports.This could have been more than the yearly imports in earlier years.

I distinctly remember 7 years back when We were trying to introduce an automated tyre recycling plant from Europe into the Indian market,everyone said 'India will not buy expensive European plants in India,No one needs automated plants in India".Some recyclers almost made statement that we were wasting our time.

Thankfully we need not listen to them and the results are for all,to see.There are Used tyre automated recycling plants being commissioned every quarter.Big and small New tire Reclaim sheet manufacturing plants are also coming up.The usage of the derivatives from the Used tires are increasing.The moulded products made from Used tyre crumbs is seeing an increase of about 20% year on year.   

The pyrolysis of tyres have also fuelled the used tyre recycling arena with thousands of Chinese and indigenous plants  springing up across the country.At one point there were about 1000 odd plants in western India alone  until the Gujarat government  banned the same in the state.The advancement in this technology is being keenly followed all across the world.The oil derived from the pyrolysis process has a good market already.The carbon black upgradation technologies are being developed by many companies across Europe and America,infact one from India too.With the advent of commercial grade Carbon Black adding to the revenues,The viabilities of such plant will improve even with lower fuel prices.

We have been urging the government to regulate the licensing of used tyre recyclers and setting up used tyre yards for effective processing and audit of used tyres in the country.The ball has started rolling with our honourable  Environment minister taking used tyres out  of the 'Hazardous waste category'.This is a good start but there is a long way to go...

Being pioneers in this feild,We stand commited to bring the best Used Tyre Recycling Technologies from around the world to this sub continent.


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